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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Mishap

New York, NY (PFNN) In recent weeks a number of activists have gathered in the major banking centers to protest. It appears that while many of the protesters have spent weeks camped out in major cities across the nation. So far the turn out has been within the expectations of the organizers. Even though these demonstrations have been in the planning stage for months, most of those involved were responsible for securing their own transportation. With such large events there are times when there are unforeseeable situations and minor mishaps that can occur.

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The original plan called for demonstrators to gather in key banking centers throughout the nation and cause as much disruption as possible. Some of the major cities identified were of course Wall St. New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and San Francisco, CA. These cities were considered to be the prime targets that would create the most publicity.

Even though the overall events have gone over as planned there have been a few unexpected incidences. Although the efforts made to insure that each attendee who was travelling was given all the information that they needed. But it appears that due to a few of the college students where unfamiliar with basic geography their travel plans took them a little off course.

It seems that a group of protestor set up camp on Wall Street. The students were a little confused but seemed to be enjoying their stay. They just thought that there would be more attendance. The only problem was that they were on Wall Street in Bend, Oregon.

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A group headed to Atlanta, GA mistakenly purchased tickets to Atlanta, Texas. They were at first welcomed by the locals until they occupied a local restaurant and demanded the free pizza they were promised by organizers.

Another group that was supposed to occupy Charlotte, NC appears to have driven to Charlotte, Florida. Reports say that they appear to have become lost and were last seen entering the Fred C. Babcock/Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area. Search parties are being formed to try and find them before the alligators.

The final group seemed to have wound up in San Francisco del Rincón, Mexico instead of San Francisco, CA. The Federal Police refuse to release any information concerning the whereabouts of this group. It seems that they rushed the local offices of the governor and they have not been heard from since.

Organizers say that the cause of these individuals was due to the lack of proper education of the students due to cut backs in educational funding. They also say that they know that the problems can be traced back to the capitalist system and big banks. They are not really sure how, but they feel sure the banks located to cities that could easily be confused with other cities by poorly educated, Ivy League Students, from major US universities.

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