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Monday, January 30, 2017

Breaking: Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Washington, DC (PFNN) Word has leaked earlier today, to one of our reporters, that President Trump has made a decision on his pick to replace the seat vacated by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia. After an extended time the new president is preparing to make a choice that he hopes will receive support from the Democrats who have tried to stand in opposition to all of his efforts in his first week of office. So with that in mind it is not surprising that his pick will be Merrick Garland.

When contacted leaders of the Democrat Party are prepared to block this nomination with every weapon they have at their disposal. In a statement given exclusively to PFNN the statement reads:

We feel that the choice of Merrick Garland is ill advised at this moment. We feel that Judge Garland is not qualified to serve on the high court. His previous rulings from the bench do not reflect the will of the American people. His past stands on the defining issues are contrary to key American values. We condemn President Trump for his continued recklessness and failure to nominate qualified candidates and handicapping our third branch of government. Since the president refuses to cooperate with the Congress we find it impossible to cooperate with him and his radical agenda. Once he puts forth a nominee that is more inline with the values and goals of the American people there will be resistance from the Democrat Party. We hope that he will reconsider this ill-conceived and ill-advised decision. Merrick Garland is not someone who should ever been brought forward for such an important judicial position.
We hope that President Trump will take this into consideration as he moves forward with his judicial cabinet position nominations.

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