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Thursday, April 29, 2010

President Takes Bold Decisive Action on Immigration

Washington, DC (PFNN) Sources within the Administration have stated that the President is preparing to sign an executive order to undo the Arizona's irresponsible act of defending its citizens. In their reckless attempt to fulfill their oath to serve and protect the citizens of Arizona the state government has dared to defy the National government and choose to fulfill their oaths to enforce the laws. In response the EO orders the immediate deployment of the National Guard to the state to disarm all local and state law enforcement agents and to arrest the governor and members of the state government. In an attempt to smooth over relations with the Mexican government, the President is expected to fly to Mexico City to make a formal apology to the Mexican people and turn over sovereignty of all lands within the borders of the former State of Arizona to Mexican officials.

The Mexican government is expected to begin immediate deportation of any racist Yankee Gringos that reside within the surrendered territory. It is expected that the transfer of power should be relatively short due to many of the past efforts to convert much of the state to bilingual signs and packaging. One major issue will be the removal of any remaining English signs and documents. This is necessary to insure consistency with the rest of Mexico. But the transformation will go much faster after the new government takes full possession.

It may require additional time if any now illegal US citizens attempt to stay and must be removed by force. It is expected that the Mexican Federal Police and the US National Guard should be able take care of any right winger who choose to disobey the evacuation order. It may be harder to determine how many other Central or South Americans are currently occupy the territory, but they will also need to be relocated north of the new border.

It is hoped that this move will satisfy the Mexican people and quiet any tension between these neighboring countries. If not, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and/or California may have to be turned over one by one or together as reparation for the unforgivable crime of the American people simply asking that they be protected and the established laws be enforced by their government. Only time will tell.

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